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Durum wheat semolina

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The Giannobile pasta factory was born in Perano, a small village in the Val di Sangro, in Abruzzo. Ours is an artisan pasta factory, we produce high quality pasta made with strictly Italian durum wheat semolina, organic legume specialties and flavored pasta. We handcraft various formats, from the most classic to the special ones, under the supervision of our master pasta maker. The production is artisanal, each production phase is done manually by specialized operators: the loading of the machines, the drafting of the long pasta on the barrel and the short pasta on the frame, the positioning of the trolleys in the drying cells, the bagging and packaging .

Thanks to a slow drying at controlled temperature and humidity, our pasta maintains all the main organoleptic characteristics of durum wheat. This involves a longer and slower production process in order to preserve the quality and taste of the pasta, making it more tenacious in cooking.

All our formats are produced with the best durum wheat semolina deriving from superior quality wheat of Italian cultivation. After being sieved and cleaned of impurities, the grain it is ground in the mills we have chosen for produce an excellent variety of semolina durum wheat. The semolina is "kneaded" with pure water and worked up to obtain an elastic and homogeneous compound.
After drying, the pasta comes brought back to room temperature e stabilized. It is then packaged exclusively by hand.
The dough goes through special dies, strictly in bronze, to make the pasta, in all its shapes, wrinkled: indispensable feature to enhance sauces and toppings and enjoy flavors extraordinarily excellent.
Paccheri, half paccheri, calamarata, rigatoni, half rigatoni, fusilli, smooth macaroni, casarecce, celery rigati and spaghetti stretched by hand on cane: we produce various formats, from classic traditional ones to special ones, all sharing the same goodness of Art Bianca that made Italian pasta famous all over the world.
We produce pasta with legume flours such as beans, peas, lentils and pastas flavored with blueberries, saffron, squid ink, etc.

Our line

We produce pasta with legume flours such as beans, peas, lentils and pastas flavored with blueberries, saffron, squid ink, etc.

Our chef combines each format and his recipes, because to be able to enhance a dish of pasta of the highest quality, it is necessary to take into consideration all its characteristics, such as format, cooking resistance, absorption capacity of the sauce, etc. ).

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