Private label

Pasta production for third parties

We produce and package on behalf of third parties, and on request also with raw materials supplied to us by the customer.

We produce high quality pasta with slow drying and low temperature, with semolina, semolina or wholemeal flour. We are able to produce flavored dry pasta and customize the labeling with labels provided directly by the customer.


We are able to offer our Partners a great variety of products, lines of Traditional Semolina, Flavored and Wholemeal pasta, all bronze drawn.

Pasta giannobile
Paccheri, half paccheri, calamarata, rigatoni, half rigatoni, fusilli, smooth macaroni, casarecce, celery and spaghetti stretched by hand on cane: we produce various formats, from the classic traditional ones to the special ones, all sharing the same goodness of the Art Bianca that made Italian pasta famous all over the world.
Client's labels and logos with colors and characteristics that reflect the company's image.
From pre-sales to after-sales assistance, assistance in choosing the product, packaging, design, suggestions on logistics to optimize your loads, on the quality of the product and raw materials, on certifications and international legislatures on food safety , on marketing and sales, staff with decades of know-how dedicated to each customer.

"Giannobile" Artisan pasta factory

Contact us for all the information about it, or leave your email or phone and you will be contacted directly by Massimo Giannobile.

  • FACTORY: Via San Tommaso 131 Perano 66040 CH ITALIA
  • SHOP: Via San Tommaso 139 Perano 66040 CH ITALIA
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  • Tel: +39 0872 896 409
  • Whatsapp: 351 786 8250